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Home > Our degrees > Postgraduates > Honours in Information Systems

Honours in Information Systems

The Honours in Information Systems degree aims to deepen students understanding of the complexities of Information Systems by providing a range of experiences within industry and the academic setting.

Experiences include preparing and presenting seminars‚ working in a systems development project team‚ conducting and writing up empirical research‚ mentoring and tutoring undergraduate students‚ and taking part in IT specific community service.

In addition to the above‚ students are expected to become change agents and participate in the tutoring of undergraduate IS courses. This requires some extra skilling‚ as tutors will be expected to be technical experts and provide excellent customer service. All students are required to complete 30 contact hours of appropriate community service as part of the degree on the Honours Outreach and Community Involvement Programme (HOCIP).

This course is for students who have successfully completed an Information Systems major. Typically‚ marks in 3rd year IS courses should average 65% or more. In addition‚ it is expected that the applicant will have passed courses in other Commerce subjects like Accounting‚ Economics‚ Management and Statistics.

Students who have majored in Computer Science but who have also passed IS major courses and some Commerce courses may be eligible at the discretion of the Head of Department. Applications open on 1 September of year prior to year of intended study.

Completed application forms should be submitted via email by 1 October of year prior to year of intended study.