IS student’s essay chosen by the St. Gallen Symposium

6 Apr 2021 - 20:15

Lina LukusaOne of the School of IT’s Information Systems Masters students, Lina Lukusa, has had her essay selected for the St. Gallen Global Essay Competition and been chosen as a Leader of Tomorrow. The 2021 theme is: “A Matter of Trust: How can Trust be Rebuild When It’s Lost?”

The St. Gallen Symposium is a three-day conference that takes place at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland in May each year. It is a student initiative with the goal to foster cross-generational dialogue. Every year, leaders from the fields of economics, politics, science, and society take part in the symposium to meet and exchange ideas with the next generation. The entire conference is organised by the International Students' Committee. A team of 35 students from the University of St.Gallen pause their studies for 10 months to engage in the realization of this intergenerational dialogue.

Lukusa’s essay discussed how to put innovative technologies at work to restore digital trust. “With everything going on like data breaches, privacy infringement, election interference, etc, it is safe to say that trust in the digital world is at an all-time low,” she says.

“My essay developed ideas on how companies can restore trust in the digital economy after it has been broken. It states that companies should listen and take control of the situation, address the crisis openly and quickly, develop a solution, and commit to change.”

Lukusa was motivated to enter the competition to explore ways to preserve and strengthen digital trust. “I also wanted to be part of a global community to discuss world-related issues and develop ideas and solutions.”

As part of a large transdisciplinary research project initiated by the Water Research Commission (WRC) of South Africa, Lukusa is working to develop a web-based collaborative platform to improve community awareness and receptivity to sustainable water management, while helping to facilitate housing developments in a water-sensitive and sustainable way.

“I believe that technology can improve lives to a greater extent. I have always desire to use technology to solve wicked problems and redefine human life.”